2021 Word of the Year and Heroine’s Journey/ Year Ahead Spread

I’m taking Tammi Salas’ course called The Invitation. The first week we were called to create a word map to decide on our 2021 Word of the year. I had already found my word, or it found me, a few weeks earlier while Christmas shopping. I had been pondering my word of the year as I knew that would be something we would do in this course. I came across a bracelet in a gift store that had one word – “Fearless”. I found myself drawn to the word, and was admiring the bracelet when the shop owner came by and said, “That’s a great word, isn’t it?” And I thought yes, yes it is.

I still did a word map, working backwards from the word “Fearless”. It was interesting to see the words that are related, like “Spirited”, “Gritty”, and “Scrappy” is in there, too (Hello, Hamilton!) Fear has held me back from so many things, I am afraid to run again due to injuries while training for the Chicago Marathon that I ran 8 years ago now. I’ll start and then stop. I miss the joy I had after a run. I’m afraid to write again since becoming sober, the reasons for this block complicated and something I didn’t even want to delve into. I started my last short story 6 years ago and it’s calling to be finished. I have an idea for a children’s book. I have ideas for comics. Sometimes I am afraid to say what I truly need in relationships, and this is something that is calling to be changed. I don’t want to lose any more years. I want to live the life that I have always wanted to.

So the word fearless can also be read as FEAR LESS. I won’t let fear control me anymore and I’m going to kindly tell that inner voice/editor to take a bit of a vacation in 2021.

I also did a Year Ahead Spread, using Kim Krans’ Animal Spirit Deck. My theme for the year is the Spider, which “weaves a web that supports the spider and those around it, both financially and spiritually.” This really resonated with me. Also that “Creativity is Everywhere: Be process oriented, abundance will follow.”

I decided that each month I’ll review this spread and read my card for the month vs. an overview of the year. January I pulled the Gazelle, which means heightened awareness.

A member of the Unruffled did a Heroine’s Journey from Kim’s Archetype deck, and that called out to me. I chose 5 cards and those would represent my journey for the year.

I love this spread! It rings so true to where I’m at in life.

Card 1: The Call – The Gem. “This card represents the inner voice, or inspiration for your journey. The Gem has many names, one is the Talent, or Gift. Not found amid comforts and pleasantries. Discovering requires a descent beneath the surface. There is no map. The longing to touch the gem is so strong within us that we cannot but help seek out its radiance. Keep digging.” (from the guidebook written by Kim Krans).

Card 2: The Threshold/Obstacle – The King. “Ultimate expression of ego. Duality. Either strong or oppressive. (My inner editor?) The King is necessary, but it’s also necessary to die, too. Often acts from a place of FEAR.

Card 3: The Ordeal/The Challenge – The Sword. “Decision. You can no longer hesitate. Requires a clear and decisive mind and willingness to ACT. Boundary making and priorities.

Card 4: The Boon/The Reward – The Mask. “Permitting our true identity be revealed. Gives voice to what was previously rejected. Expanding self.

Card 5: The Return – The Ring. “Deepened connection with self and the world.”

I am looking forward to setting priorities and getting the work done in 2021.

Thank you, Tammi, for this invitation.

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